BBC report on Apocalypse

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Another confirming article that we are not going to get taken out by a big asteroid on December 21, 2012.

But, that doesn’t mean that humanity moving toward the positive, but instead possible degeneration by overpopulation.  We humans have been taking over our planet at a rate that is way over our consumption level.  It seems that the Doomsday preppers have not taken into account for our moral degeneration and overpopulation as a very slow progressing problem.  Maybe we are in the throws of it right now with the way that our politics, economy, and disease cycles have already started to accelerate.

This is another good fact to get “The Thrival Theory” now and learn “The Secrets to WIN during Global Chaos”  We think that this how to guide to the next 7, 14, 21 year cycle will be interesting to say the least!  We have major changes in order, so you and your loved ones should understand these changes and adjust accordingly.  PREPARE, PROTECT, PROJECT


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