The End of the Beginning!

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It seems that with all the crazy situations around the world including the latest school shootings, hurricane wipeouts, sunami’s, and economic meltdown the last thing we need right now is a food shortage. Food is the staple of society, and in “The Thival Theory” we talk about the factor of food, food production, and sustainability on our planet for the given population. It would seem that we have enough problems until we get into this ultimate problem. Riots are directly related to a society reaching the boiling point after food prices rise to an

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unattainable level. We could be heading for a major one! This is why the solution is making sure that you have enough food stocked up or the ability to grow your own food during any season. Self sustainability is mainly about taking care of yourself with food and water when it all hits the fan. Making sure that you can store it through the winter months or have the ability to harvest consistently throughout the year. This is a great system and you can contact me directly if you would like to get into this system. As you may know, we do not think the world is ending on 12-12-2012, but it is the beginning

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of the major social degeneration that has already been happening for seven years. This is the pinnicle of our tipping point within society. PREPARE, PROTECT, AND PROJECT

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