No lights for the Super Bowl Champs Baltimore Ravens

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Well it is just another sign of the instability of our infrastructure that the lights went down at this year's super bowl.

The fragile electrical grid has many different facets to it within our national grid.

Just like we talked about in “The Thrival Theory” we have a very old and fragile infrastructure for our electrical components.  The sun is still heating up and solar flares are getting more common all the time and will be ramping up now that the 2012 apex has flares 2013 peak

We should all be preparing for any possible breakdown of our electrical grid infrastructure.  We have no modern way to stop the major surges from happening in our electrical grid which could knock out electricity worldwide if a big one happens.  This is not a doomsday prediction, but more a possiblility that it could happen in the near future.  To get more information stay tuned to this blog or buy the book on Amazon.

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