Sun Spots getting more intense by the day!

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As you can see we still have a pretty big threat from the sun creating a big EMP or EMF wave sooner than later. We talk about it extensively in the our book “The Thrival Theory-Secret to WIN during Global Chaos” by Dr. Dave and Dee Jensen Solar flares are one of the largest concerns about an ElectroMagneticPulse(EMP) that could affect our magnetic polarization and electrical grid system around the world. We are very fragile right now with our outdated systems. Especially in other countries where it is very outdated and has a transformer system that cannot handle much of a pulse at all. Understand that you should

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should visit AS YOU CAN SEE, THE GOOD OLE' SUN IS RAMPING UP! The bottom two black spots on the sun, known as sunspots, appeared quickly over the course of Feb. 19-20, 2013. These two sunspots are part of the same system and are over six Earths across.


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